Pee Wee League 2018 Final, Let’s surf!

With six tournaments to occur in three different beaches from the destination, the Pee Wee League comes back to the Nayarit Riviera, which from June 23rd to October 14th will push up the future stars of the region. The league is presented by Ramos Shapes, Sunset Bungalows and Los Rudos Surfshop, under the competition formats established by the World Championship Tour Top 33 of the World Surf League (WSL), the ISA (International Surfing Association) and the Surfing Association in the State of Nayarit (ASENAY), with the support of the local surf clubs from the different venues.
Kids and young contestants could participate in this amazing event that for 5 months have been participating in different phases of the contest in order to classify for the October 14th final.
This october 13th and 14th the last challenges will continue in San Pancho, being this place where the winner is going to be announced.

Rogelio Ramos, the league director, mentions that the objective for this competence is to encourage the youngest talents for they to become the next future first-class athletes. «We want that, besides the fun and having a good time during the contest, they could get inspired in learning and competing since their childhood, so that in the next generations we would maybe be able to see a young Mexican contestant in the Wolrd Tour of the World Surf League.»

He also recalled that the actual champion is Mexican; so that, maybe one of the kids could become the next representative of our country and even get a medal.



Important Note:
For the Olympics Games Japan 2020, surfing, for the first time in history, will make its appearance and will be disputed in the shortboard category (femenine and masculine), according to the agreement in Rio de Janeiro, during the 129th COI session as an attempt to attract a younger and broader public.

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Marietas Islands, a must-see in Nayarit

Enjoy this treasure which is part of the protected natural areas, UNESCO biosphere reserve and RAMSAR site. The access to the islands is limited, but it doesn’t prevent you from visiting them and enjoy La Nopalera beach, go kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving or paddling.

Its diverse ecosystem allows you to see different marine species from fish to humpback whales in the winter season. It’s the house of more than 44 flora and fauna species, like the charismatic blue-footed booby bird, which population is the largest worldwide in its own specie. And besides whales, you can also see some dolphins and sea turtles having fun in the surroundings of the islands.
The only way you can access its hidden beach is by swimming through a natural rocky tunnel that reaches this secretly private beach.

There are different spots to check on during the tour, such as The Hidden Beach (The main attraction of the area), La Nopalera Beach, the rock bridge, and do things like snorkeling in its beautiful clear waters that allows you to see a great amount of sea life variety.


Sometimes it is impossible to reach it, since the tide gets high and the tunnel gets flooded, but if you’re lucky enough, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular beaches you can meet in Mexico. This beach, like the whole place, is also a protected natural area, so we must help to preserve it so that it can continue to be a sanctuary open to all, in fact, even taking sand from it is prohibited.

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Festival del Viento (Wind Festival), the biggest Kiteboarding event in America!

«El Festival del Viento» (The Wind Festival) sponsors the International Kiteboarding Championship in Mexico that takes place this year, being this the ninth consecutive Championship. It aims to raise the quality of water sports, supporting riders to grow professionally by improving competitiveness and promoting the Riviera de Nayarit as one of the best tourist destinations for sailing in Mexico.

This year, the festival achieved a new record of the biggest number of Kiteboarding participants along the 9th. Edition, with 300 kiters signed up, being the biggest Kiteboarding event in America.All the different Kiteboarding categories and its variations takes place in the Festival: Freestyle, Downwind, Slalom, Big Air, and Long Distance.

Mexico has thousands of attractions and tourist destinations to live unforgettable experiences. El Festival del Viento has been recognized as one of the «100 Must-see» among all the things to see in this beautiful country, in the category Moments & Events and it’s one of the biggest national events.

The event is affiliated to the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA), Federación Mexicana de Vela (Mexican Sail Federation), Asociación Mexicana de Kiteboard (Kiteboard Mexican Association), it’s supported by the government and Riviera Nayarit Tourism.

If you want to experience the excitement of being part of this huge Mexican event, you should definitely get your board ready for the next year. The festival normally takes place from May 18th to May 20th. All the information that you need to know is in the next link: Festival del Viento


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