Festival del Viento (Wind Festival), the biggest Kiteboarding event in America!

“El Festival del Viento” (The Wind Festival) sponsors the International Kiteboarding Championship in Mexico that takes place this year, being this the ninth consecutive Championship. It aims to raise the quality of water sports, supporting riders to grow professionally by improving competitiveness and promoting the Riviera de Nayarit as one of the best tourist destinations for sailing in Mexico.

This year, the festival achieved a new record of the biggest number of Kiteboarding participants along the 9th. Edition, with 300 kiters signed up, being the biggest Kiteboarding event in America.All the different Kiteboarding categories and its variations takes place in the Festival: Freestyle, Downwind, Slalom, Big Air, and Long Distance.

Mexico has thousands of attractions and tourist destinations to live unforgettable experiences. El Festival del Viento has been recognized as one of the “100 Must-see” among all the things to see in this beautiful country, in the category Moments & Events and it’s one of the biggest national events.

The event is affiliated to the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA), Federación Mexicana de Vela (Mexican Sail Federation), Asociación Mexicana de Kiteboard (Kiteboard Mexican Association), it’s supported by the government and Riviera Nayarit Tourism.

If you want to experience the excitement of being part of this huge Mexican event, you should definitely get your board ready for the next year. The festival normally takes place from May 18th to May 20th. All the information that you need to know is in the next link: Festival del Viento


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